NEW! Diamond-Shaped Shingles

We offer a starter shingle that is pre-cut and bent to lock into the drop edge flashing. Most shingles of this design require the starter shingle to be cut and bent in the field. This application technique not only slows down the application, but it may not be an accurate and precise cut and bend, possibly jeopardizing the integrity of the interlock and performance.

We provide all the necessary flashing for our system. All of our flashing has interlocking fold that the shingles tie into. There will be cutting and bending of the shingles to retrofit in certain areas of the roofline, like all metal roofing systems, but this will ensure all areas of the roofline are secure from uplift of wind and penetration of moisture. 

Sided Interlocking Shingle with Integrated Nail Flange

Our shingle has a four-way interlocking design. The top of the shingle, which is covered by the following row, is extended and folded over to keep moisture from driving behind the system. The bottom of the shingle is folded under for a smooth, clean, and finished look. All four major sides interlock with the corresponding shingles.

All shingles require two nails per shingle. All flashing has a nail spacing of eight inches on center. All underlayment for roofing applications will be either a high temperature membrane (Peal & Stick/Water-Ice Shield) rated for metal systems, or a woven polyethylene sealed per layer to manufactures specifications. All vertical walls require typical house wraps (i.e. Tyvek or a comparable substitution).


The most unique aspect of our system is the integrated nail flange. Unlike most shingle, panel, or sheet systems that use clips, our system has made the nail flange in integral aspect in the overall design and performance.

Clip systems take longer to install, are difficult to hold in place while setting the fastener; and are the point of failure in the high wind conditions. Our system will install faster, saving on labor costs; cost less, due to not needing an extra accessory piece; and and out-perform, by having the nail flange as an actual attached and fixed aspect of the system. 

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