Water tight system with a scallop design.

Responding to the demand for a pure, copper scalloped shingle, the engineers at Zappone were faced with a problem, that is, how to maintain the integrity of Zappone’s four way interlocking, water tight system with a scallop design.

The answer was to incorporate a scallop design within the Zappone Copper Accent Shingle!

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  • Elegant, pure 99.97% copper with the integrity of Zappone’s interlocking shingle system
  • Nailed directly to the structure with two nails
  • 7 1/2 “ x 9 1/8” size allows for easy handling and installation

The Zappone Copper Scallop Shingle is the perfect ‘eye candy’ for small facades, dormers, decorative turrets, or even entire roofs. If your project demands something special, the Zappone Copper Scallop Shingle is worth a look!

Zappone’s state-of-the-art design, unmatched quality of production and unique experience in copper metal roofing makes it the perfect match for a copper’s timeless beauty, natural richness and proven quality.

Same interlocking design as our Accent shingle which maintains weather integrity.

Only nature can produce copper.
Only Zappone can make it so easy to install and so easy to own.

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